Secure Your Legacy: 5 Reasons Why Creating a Will or Living Trust is Essential Wondering “why do you need a trust?” or “why do you need a will?” Having a will is important so that the judge knows your wishes after you pass.  Having a living trust is important for all the reasons outlined below.   […]

Decoding the Mystery of Probate: A Beginner’s Guide What is probate? How does probate work? Many people are either confused about or don’t know the meaning of probate.  In this article, we’ll discuss all things probate to better help you understand the probate process. Definition of probate The definition of probate is “the official proving […]

The ins and outs of California living trusts A living trust is an important estate planning tool for California residents. It allows you to manage your assets and property during your lifetime, as well as providing a way to pass on those assets after death with minimal probate costs. In essence, it serves the same […]

What is QDRO and how does it work? A California QDRO is a Qualified Domestic Relations Order.  The purpose of a QDRO is to separate pre-tax retirement accounts without tax consequences to the plan participant and transfer a portion of the participant’s account to the alternate payee following a divorce or dissolution of a domestic […]