Understanding Recent Changes and Probate Shortcuts for Small Estates In 2022, California witnessed notable changes in the values associated with “small estate” probate procedures, affecting the way individuals handle the probate process for estates of a certain size. This article explores the updated figures and their implications, providing valuable insights for those navigating the intricacies […]

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Probate can be a lengthy and expensive process that many people wish to avoid when distributing assets after their passing.  Fortunately, there are alternative methods available in California that allow you to bypass probate and streamline the asset distribution process. In this article, we’ll explore these methods and provide a helpful guide on how to […]

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Decoding the Mystery of Probate: A Beginner’s Guide What is probate? How does probate work? Many people are either confused about or don’t know the meaning of probate.  In this article, we’ll discuss all things probate to better help you understand the probate process. Definition of probate The definition of probate is “the official proving […]