I contacted Ellie to mediate my legal separation/divorce. She is very patient & helpful at explaining the procedures necessary to get the process going. After my husband & I filled out our paperwork individually, she drafted a marital settlement agreement. We met her in her office that's conveniently located with plenty of parking. She went over each section of the document, made changes that we agreed upon & printed the final document. We both were satisfied, so we signed & were done within a few hours. She always makes time to listen & gives good advise. I plan to use her services for a new living trust as well. Ellie made a hurtful time of my life not so painful. Thank you.


Amazing experience. Ellie was very helpful and fair during our divorce. She kept everyone calm, explained our options very clearly, and the allowed the opportunity to get through the most difficult time in our lives. I could not ask for more...and all at a reasonable price.


Laguna Beach Legal...Thanks for going to bat for me. Billie and Ellie are the first legal professionals that have actually seemed to care about me and have given me hope. Sometimes hope is all someone has left! I'm grateful for you.


Laguna Beach Legal was excellent in the handling and mediation of my divorce and marital separation contract. I had been referred to Ellie by a colleague at work who had used her previously for her own divorce mediation. Ellie and Billie treated my ex-wife and myself in a friendly, but professional manner. They were careful not to show bias to either side. At times the negotiations got emotional and tenuous but Ellie, being the pro that she is, was careful to counsel us on how to continue to navigate through the difficult time and reach productive compromises that were fair and equitable. Point being, everyone's lives are changed significantly in a divorce and the sooner the two sides accept that things will be different for them going forward, the better. There is no "winner" in a divorce. Laguna Beach Legal made the experience much more palatable and smooth. It took us six sessions (perhaps more than average) to get through the entire process, but we still saved thousands of dollars in legal fees and a great deal of typical attorney "process/delay" time. In a month and a half our marital separation contract was agreed to, signed and filed with the courts.

Brian S.

Ellie Tipton and Laguna Beach Legal were a blessing in my divorce process. I was referred by my marriage counselor, who had heard good things about her service. He was completely right. Ellie was very kind and considerate from beginning to end, providing clear instructions, giving us time to work on issues on our own or together and helping us work through the tough decisions. I was very happy with her candid and calm explanations, which were clearly gained through many years of experience. She helped us both better understand how to work together and accept middle ground to finalize our divorce. She saved me a ton of money that I would have spent on hiring several lawyers between us. An acquaintance of mine is going to be filing for divorce soon, so I am definitely going to suggest he contact Ellie. Thank you so much Ellie and Billie.

Dan S.

Accolades and Kudos to Ellie and her team at Laguna Beach Legal! I must say, the circumstances that led me to search out Ellie were not anything I would have imagined for myself just a short year ago. Divorce is usually not a happy or pleasant thing. That said, Ellie and her amazing assistant, Billie, helped me and my very-soon-to-be ex-husband get through a very difficult and challenging experience. Ellie helped us with our divorce, from beginning to end, including the division of our home that we owned, as well as three separate QDRO's...that is, retirement and pension accounts. She and Billie both took the time, separately and together, to field and answer our questions, patiently guide us, until ALL PARTIES were satisfied. I was referred to Ellie and Laguna Beach Legal from a good friend who, unfortunately, went through a divorce also. I have, in turn, recommended her to several people I know, more than one of whom have already used Laguna Beach Legal, and came away MORE THAN SATISFIED! Thank You Ellie, Billie and Laguna Beach Legal, for helping me get through the most challenging experience in my life!

Patty R.

I can't say enough good things about Laguna Beach Legal! Their pricing is great and their service is even better. I had Ellie and her assistant not only handle my divorce, but help with credit repair and the division of 401K (QDRO). They were always helpful and expedient, even following up on weekends and after business hours. Ellie is very patient and takes the time to walk you through the steps and processes, you may encounter along the way. She's very thorough and understanding of your situation.

Dan K.

What Laguna Beach Legal did to resolve my divorce issues, lawyers and $100,000 plus couldn’t do in four years! Within two hours, Ellie Tipton Ortiz successfully guided my ex-husband and me through our differences and we were able to reach mutual agreements on numerous issues. She eliminated the need for court appearances and filed all of our court documents, saving us thousands of dollars and months of legal red tape and stress. Her professional and tactful demeanor will earn the trust of the most difficult of clients. I can’t recommend Laguna Beach Legal highly enough!

Kristen Wiggins
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