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2 Responses to Are you considering a Name Change?
  1. Hi, I’m a real estate agent using my maiden name for business. I got married several years ago and changed everything into my married name except my real estate license. When I get a commission check it’ s made out to my maiden name and everything has been just fine until recently when the bank wouldn’t honor a check because it didn’t have my married name on it.
    My question is: What’s the easiest thing to do to change my name legally to include my maiden name? Or, do I create a DBA with my maiden name?
    Or perhaps there’s another option(s) that I’m unaware of? Either way, I would love your help.

    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Carrie, Thank you for your blog post. We can help you. Please call our office and schedule an appointment with Ellie. Our telephone number is (949) 497-9800. Sincerely, The Laguna Legal Team


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